Sping is coming: Gold jewelry contest

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We celebrate that since 1947 we continue fulfilling the springs next to you!

Spring is about to arrive and in RAS we are very happy. The why is evident. Soon the good weather will begin and with it the desire to go out to the street to enjoy and eat the world. Always with that young spirit that although the years go by is never lost. Moment of opening the closet to get beautiful, amazing and not think about anything else. Cold? Who said cold! Anything you wear, always well accompanied by one of our accessories, of course, will be a success. That's why, because if you've come this far and you know how valuable our pieces of jewelery and handmade jewelery made in Spain are, you'll love this contest.


If you follow us on the social networks Facebook RAS and Instagram RAS you will already have heard about this promotion. We give away one of our most precious necklaces. Come and participate and celebrate spring with us. Here we leave the instructions:



We celebrate that since 1947 we continue to fulfill primroses by your side!


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