How to combine necklaces with necklines

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A type of necklace or pendant belongs to each neckline. It's a matter of style and we'll show you the fashion tricks you need to know to show off your jewelry and costume jewelery...

One each neckline belongs to a type of necklace or pendant. It's a matter of style and we'll show you the fashion tricks you need to know to show off your jewelry and costume jewelery perfectly. How to combine necklaces with necklines is a question that does not come at all at some time in our lives. Well because we want to release a fashion necklace or because we like to take a special garment, it is essential not to sin in excess. It is nothing new, but it has been thought that the eyes can be seen and the eyes can be seen. Choose necklaces according to necklines

Bauteau neckline: we started with one of our favorites for its elegance. The neckline or ship neck calls for minimalism and simple necklaces, which hang little (like chokers) to stylize everything as a whole.

Neckline box or square: very common in the closets of any 'girl' has its pros and cons. The garments that tend to carry much longer than the shoulders so the next will be in use necklaces or large and long pendants that pass over the neckline if this is the case. Or if not, short necklaces and chokers.

V-neckline: a little more of the same. If you use a beak neck, since it tends to increase the chest, you have to take into account the jewel that you are going to wear. No necklaces round or too big. The best option is a long piece with the same shape of the neckline. Round neckline: following the same line as the previous type of neckline. In this case, it is also much more favorable that the collar follow the same shape of the neckline. For a good contrast the ideal is that you opt for chokers, short round necklaces or chocker necklaces.

Shirt neckline: the most versatile of all. The shirt collar allows to wear any type of collar. In general, if you wear your shirt open, we recommend that you choose a choker or short neck. However, if you are going to wear it closed, a longer necklace or pendant that passes over the neckline.

High neckline or turtle: the high neck in winter is the great protagonist of our looks and for this reason it is good to know that not all necklaces are valid with him. If you want to hit, long necklaces (never more than the navel) and thin.

Neckline with suspenders: it depends on the thickness of the handles that allows choosing a wide and long collar for the more open necklines that propitiate the thin strips; On the contrary, if the braces are thicker or any type could be divinely.


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