Cat lovers: Jewelry for cat lovers

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Lovers of cats or cat lovers are in luck. We have designed a collection of jewelry with cats for those who love cats. They are pieces of jewelry and jewelery made in Spain, in silver and with the shape of the die-cut cat. But before introducing these pieces, let's talk a little about the things that identify a good cat lover.

First of all, if you wonder what a cat lover is ... Let's see, since everything in life can not be black or white, the same thing happens in the world of cats. That is, there are people who love cats and others who hate them. Among those who like them, are those fans who have a passion for these animals coming to live with more than one cat (in many cases) and can not do enough for them. Those are the cat lovers.

A person who loves cats to such an extent usually has certain features or characteristics that attract attention:

1. They are usually full of hair.

2. As soon as you get home, the first thing you do is say hello to your cat. And if they go, too.

3. Your cat, protagonist in all your social networks.

4. Presentation in society: they take care that both your family or your group of friends know your cat well.

5. They have the best psychologist: they talk to him daily.

6. They are never lacking in love: although these animals are characterized by being very independent, they give a good daily portion of pampering to their owners. 

7. The cat motives are part of the decoration of the house and its lifestyle.

You feel identified? Surely then you are a true lover of cats. And so, thinking of you, we have designed and crafted our collection of jewelry with cats that consists of:cats earrings, pendant of cats, cats lapel pincat brooch y cats bracelet. Aquí puedes ver de las piezas que se compone y ya sabes, no dejes nunca de amor a los gatos. Ellos siempre estarán ahí para ti.








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