Fashion necklaces: original and fantastic designs for her

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Fashion necklaces for every special occasion. Find among all our designs yours...

The search for modern necklaces that mimic our online look can be ineffective if we only let ourselves be carried away by what we wear. Something as fundamental as an original design is the key to get our necklace surprised by its originality.

Sometimes it is not about price issues, since the most important thing when buying jewelery or jewelry is that its design is original and the materials are of quality.

Before writing this post we thought about collecting some of the necklaces and also one of the necklaces that we might give to a friend, a mother, a girlfriend or a perfect stranger.

There is so much variety in the market that in the end, as we said, when it comes to making a gift we prioritize more than the price, how surprising it may be, the illusion it may cause in the other person. What if it is a car?

Then, with good reason, we will want to have more if a good choice is possible. It may be the most eye-catching complement to our look and we will be waiting for positive comments about how beautiful it is and the questions about where we bought it.

In RAS, all our jewelery and jewelry is made by hand. And we have thought about showing you some of those necklaces that are easily lucid with any styling. Here we go!

Geometric necklace



Choker 'En el tiempo'


Pendant 'Hojas y Lianas'


Pendant 'Excéntrico'



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