Gifts for men: Bracelets for men and lapel pins for blazers

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The handmade RAS jewelry made in Spain has a wide catalog of leather bracelets for men and punches for jackets and jackets...

Finding a leather bracelet for men on the internet can be quite an adventure. For several reasons. The first one is because you may get a free cat when you receive your wristbands and you receive something totally different from what you expect.

The second reason is because there is too much variety, however, what matters most when choosing a gentleman's bracelet is that it has an original design. And there, before these two questions we can offer you both originality and authenticity in the quality of the materials we use to make our pieces.

The handmade RAS jewelry made in Spain has a wide catalog of leather bracelets for men. For sale in our online store, you will find models inspired by Gaudí, Picasso or geometric prints, among others.

Gaudí leather bracelet

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Red Baroque leather bracelet

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Leather Bracelet with Black Square

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Lapel pins for blazers

If you wear jackets or jackets and are looking for a hole that gives a touch of elegance and distinction. We can also offer you some idea. Keep in mind the combination you make of colors to choose it in gold or silver. Although, our advice is that you go discreet in terms of colors to be the needle the protagonist get to give that spark that will make you look at the sobriety of your look.

We have several pieces that you may like:

Lapel pin Nature 1 Silver

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Cubism Lapel Pin

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Simply Lapel pin

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