International Book Day: Gift of a bookmark with every purchase

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Readers, readers ... We are celebrating! We wanted to reward your trust in us during all this time ... Bookmark gift with every purchase at | International Book Day 2018

Readers, readers ... We are celebrating! We wanted to know what to do at this moment, to encourage that we still do not know each other, on such a special day as April 23, International Book Day. We have come a bit ahead but it is that perhaps we should give more importance to books in our day to day than a single and exclusive day a year.


The reason that led to this day is that it coincides with the death of two great authors: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, both died on April 23, 1616. On this date, also died the great Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. William Wordsworth (1850) and Josep Pla (1981) also did it. In November 1995, the General Conference of UNESCO approved the proposal of the International Publishers' Union that International Book and Copyright Day would be celebrated on April 23rd.

Bookmarks for books

As we said, our intention is also to celebrate this day in some way and it occurred to us to give away with each purchase a bookmark exclusively designed and handcrafted by RAS. Because these bookmarks are also part of the jewelry catalog and gift details that we made from our workshop in Madrid since 1947. So you know, go ahead and buy a nice bookmark on the train, the bus, the subway, the beach, in class or at the bank of your favorite park. The important thing is that you enjoy reading, with books you will learn to see things in very different ways.

We send you one bookmark with each order until April 23! At the end of your order, indicate which one do you want in the message (butterfly · beetle · dragonfly) and if you prefer gold or silver



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