RAS since 1947, manufacturing for you.

"We enjoy what we do and we want to transmute it to the whole world" 

Those who know us say that we are lucky to form this team: third generation at the head of RAS, working with metals and incorporating other products and materials. What do we do and who are we?

We are manufacturers of all those metallic objects and synthetic complements that surround us and that are part of our life.

By departments we work to:

- Design and manufacture for our RAS - KIURAS brands, costume jewelery and accessories. 

- Exclusive series for museums, wineries, hotels, leisure parks ...., with approaches to tourism, exclusive and personalized gifts.

- Designers, exclusive collections for them, trimmings, their brands and ...

- Promotional agencies, personalized gifts, great promotions, weddings and parties, ... 

- Architects, model maker and modelers, small or unique series ...

- Industry: industrial plates, monoliths, signs and much more. 

Something more behind and in front of RAS:

Service, experience, evolution, and Illusion are the basis of our work. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us: we work for you.

100% made in Spain.