"El desafío da Vinci" Book by Agustín Fonseca *(1)



Más detalles de "El desafío da Vinci" Book by Agustín Fonseca *(1)

Book to test your brain with 200 exciting puzzle games from the greatest expert in puzzles and hobbies

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Travel with Agustín Fonseca to the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and reveal the mysteries of the greatest genius of all time: Leonardo Da Vinci. Hired as an expert in intellectual challenges, Agustín will witness how the Italian genius poses enigmas to his disciples and challenges them to be better than him. Agustín's surprise is maximum when he discovers that he can challenge Leonardo and thus prove his ingenuity. Accompany Agustín Fonseca in this adventure and find out if your mind is up to these two great geniuses. Use your mobile to solve the puzzles hidden behind the QR codes!

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