High quality jewelery, pendants that will be your perfect design complements, inspired by a combination of nature, architecture and simplicity. The finishes are in silver or gold that will give you a look of distinction to create trend. A very large collection designed for you or ideal to give away.


High quality chokers, high jewelery design with gold and silver finishes, your ideal accessory to buy or give, creates trend with a stylish look thanks to our accessories, discover our extensive collection in the online store.


Earrings of unique and original design, complements and jewelery of high quality. All earrings are plated with gold or silver. A little accessory perfect to give away. We have an extensive collection that you can see and buy in our online store.


Rings of exclusive designs, complements of high quality, jewelery in gold and silver. Perfect rings to give away. You can buy and enjoy our entire collection in the online store. Exclusive pieces for you to trend.


Design bracelets in high quality, finished in gold or silver. All our accessories are light and comfortable that will bring you the elegance you are looking for. Bracelets and bracelets are ideal to give away and you can buy them in our online store, where you can find our entire collection.


Brooches of design, high quality jewelry, gold or silver plated. An extensive collection of accessories. Buy or give elegance, the entire collection in our online store.


Hairpins with original and exclusive design, high quality jewelry, gold or silver plated materials. Ideal gift accessories, find your hairpin in our extensive collection, you can buy through the online store.

Leather bracelets

Original bracelets made in leather, complements of design with the utmost care to achieve the quality that our customers demand. Unique bracelets, for you or to give away, an ample collection where to choose and to buy the one that you like more through our online store.

Last Units

Latest models with incredible prices only until stocks last.

Fashion Jewelry. Jewelry made in brass with silver plated and gold plated. Hooks silver. Made in Spain.