FIND OUT: Jewellry collections inspired in the greatest artists: Klimt, Calder, Picasso and many more. We love art and design so its really a challenge getting inspired by them and doing it right, we enjoy with everything we do and that’s why we want to share it with you. Design, create and produce this jewellry collections it only possible because all process are team based. The pieces are handcrafted with exclusive finishes that make your look be more yours.

Design collections withing your reach.

THE CHALLENGE: It is important for us to create pieces really light able to adapt themselves to you and they fit your style by providing you with a different, subtle and exclusive look always available for any occasion. The secret lies within yourself, try them out with the different outfits you have and discover how versatile they are. Your style is what ultimately matters. To create these pieces through the inspiration of works that are to this date considered masterpieces it is a challenge we handle with passion. If you like art, these collections are for you.

WHAT ARE THEY: Collections with history.

DISCOVER THEM: Little by little we have expanded our collections and bringing new artist in. If you are looking for an artist and we don’t have it please get in contact with us and tell us who you are looking for and why. We are happy to talk with you. Because jewelry is our job and you are our inspiration

RAS. More than a brand, A style. Enjoy it.